51 workout finishers – workout finishers v2

The best part? You’ll do every single finisher “Follow-Along” style with High-Quality videos you can download to your computer, tablet or phone as Brian Kalakay and I coach you with every finisher every rep of the way. Workout Finishers Expert Mike Whitfield introduces his breakthrough “Metabolic Stacking” training to help you torch body fat and smash […]


“My husband hates being on a diet and such so I’ve gone Paleo and my family has not! I made the Avacado chocolate parfait and didn’t tell anyone what was in it, especially my husband because he HATES avacado and honey. Well after he ate pretty much all of it I told him what he […]

Thin forever

Our world is getting fatter, as the big food companies’ wallets are bursting at the seams. They’re laughing all the way to the bank while we continue along our path of sickness, overweight, and diseases. We live in a fat-promoting environment where fast food, processed foods, coffee, and baked goods rule the world. Although we […]

The weight loss motivation bible: how to program your mind for sustainable fat loss

With the never ending array of diets and exercise plans that are introduced to the public annually, I know if you are here reading this that you have still found yourself in much the same position year after year… And it frustrates me to no end because I know first hand that inability to make […]

The transformation truth — how to get ripped with just average genetics

And as you learned in the above video, the techniques in The Transformation Truth are designed to get you completely shredded in the shortest amount of time possible. Please know that this is not just another “How To Get Abs System.” The Transformation Truth will provide you with the resources to have a full body […]

Final phase fat loss – hero

Attention All Men & Women: If You’ve Ever Been Inspired By Heroes…If You’ve Ever Wanted a Body Fit for the Silver Screen…If You Have A Burning Desire To Achieve The Ultimate “Crime-Fighting” Physique, Great News… Two ELITE Fitness Trainers Reveal Their Proven System For Transforming Blockbuster Stars Into Shredded, Powerful-Looking Onscreen Super Heroes… …Introducing the […]

Ebook – the metabolic blueprint

The Metabolic Blueprint offers fully-customized diet, exercise, and nutritional supplement advice based on your metabolic “body type”. Fully-customized for your body type, you’ll learn your optimal calorie intake and distribution, your metabolic “super foods”, and how to create your Perfect Diet & Grocery List Discover the optimal type of exercise for your body type, so you can […]