Ebook – the metabolic blueprint

The Metabolic Blueprint offers fully-customized diet, exercise, and nutritional supplement advice based on your metabolic “body type”.

Fully-customized for your body type, you’ll learn your optimal calorie intake and distribution, your metabolic “super foods”, and how to create your Perfect Diet & Grocery List

Discover the optimal type of exercise for your body type, so you can maximize your exercise efficiency, achieve greater results in less time, and avoid metabolic disaster!

You’ll learn which vitamin and mineral deficiencies are most important for your body type to repair, and which supplements will assist most in your metabolic transformation.

Your body type is the result of hormone imbalance. It determines where you store fat (hips, thighs, belly). It also holds the key to unlocking your metabolic potential for energy, focus, and mood. Once we know your body type, we know the optimal diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements for you.

The perfect diet for you depends on your body type. Your total calories, protein/fat/carbohydrate ratio, “power foods”, and which foods you should avoid are all determined by your body type.

Once you begin to eat, exercise, and supplement optimally you’ll get the focus, energy, and positive mood you deserve. So life will feel easy. The way it should. For once.

When I first heard of TMB I didn’t think it would work. You see things like this all of the time. But I tried it. I was looking for something new and it was kind of intriguing. I was shocked to feel greater energy…

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