The how to be happier diet

Her belief that every human relationship must be engaged with perfectly, and understood deeply, comes across powerfully through her writings, and tête-à-tête’s.

Her remedies are practical, intuitive, and life-experience based, opposed to the bookish-knowledge that most ‘template’ specialists, and doctors provide. A must buy, and keep encyclopedia of wellness.” – Shamshir Rai Luthra Veteran Broadcaster, Celebrated Spiritual Author

From Michael Goebel.

It has been my honor and delight to have known Lyndell since 2007. Lyndell is an adept healer – a true Master of Reiki and Kinesiology.

I have found her to be totally trustworthy and always able to be counted upon – her word is her bond and in this day and age, it is an all-too-rare thing.

I have had the pleasure of reading her new book and I have found it filled with life changing tools and techniques.

I have been helping to proof read Lyndell’s new eBook, which is filled with so many amazing ways to deal with life’s upsets and challenges.

Lyndell has shown me many of these techniques over the years which have helped me to deal with a lot of my emotional issues.

Now, she has put them and years of her knowledge into this book so that she can help others know how to deal with their emotional hurts.

I highly recommend it because it gives you…

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