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Have You Longed to Have that Full Six Pack (Men) or to Have Lean Hips and Thighs (Women)?  Or to Gain Muscle and Strength While Losing Body Fat at the Same Time?  If So….Read On

Have you been stymied by previous attempts to get as lean as you wanted?  Are you a man who just can’t seem to get their abs to show, or a woman who gets lean everywhere but below the waist?

Or have you tried in the past, following the standard (and wrong) advice about how to gain muscle and strength while leaning out, only to be let down by the lack of results (MOST people just end up spinning their wheels following the normal advice)?

Or maybe you’re a physique competitor who has had problem with all of the above on top of losing too much muscle getting into contest shape.

I understand, I do.  I spent years fighting my own tendencies to hold fat around my middle and was always looking for solutions.  Like you I tried it all.  But very little of it worked.  So I kept looking.    Of course, I had the advantage of a background in physiology and access to the Medical library.  It took me years but I found solutions that work.

Today I’m going to tell you about two of them, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 and The Stubborn Fat Solution, slightly different (but complimentary) approaches to the issue of losing stubborn fat once and for all (The Ultimate Diet 2.0 will show you how to gain muscle while losing fat).

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